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Double head BIB(bag in box) aseptic filling machine

EQUIPMENT INTRODUCTION The BIB bag-in-box aseptic filling machine is a small bag aseptic filling machine researched and developed for small packages below 50 liters by our company after adopting Italian technologies. It is mainly composed of the aseptic filling system, metering system, human-machine interface and PLC control system, operation platform, conveying system, etc. It is specially used for filling of 1-50L aseptic bags. The packaging bags are aluminum-plastic composite aseptic bags. The materials after sterilization are subject to such operations as cap opening, filling and capping, which are completed by the mechanical hand in the aseptic room, so as to avoid environmental contamination and achieve the effect of aseptic filling. It is widely applied in such industries as fruit juice, jam, dairy, coffee, fruit wine, etc. MAIN FEATURES OF EQUIPMENT ◆It is made of high quality SUS304 or 316L stainless steel except the motor, electrical appliance and soft connections. ◆Compared with traditional large barrel filling machines, it has such features as higher filling speed, more accurate measurement, more convenient operation, less material return flow and higher quality. ◆The filling volume can be freely set within 1-50L. It is suitable for bags of different sizes and volumes, making production more flexible. ◆Two metering systems are available for selection: weighing measurement or flow meter measurement, with accurate measurement. ◆The material pipe is provided with steam shielding devices at the flexible joints. Steam sterilization is adopted in the filling room to continuously maintain sterility and ensure safe filling. ◆It is equipped with condensing water collector to avoid dripping and leakage of condensing water. ◆The bag clipping mouth is reasonably designed with such features as accurate bag clipping and bag pulling, no damage to bag mouth, etc. The equipment runs stably.               

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