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Water immersion pasteurization tunnel

The machine is continuous spray pasteurizer and cooling machine. Products are pasteurized and cooled by three processing stages including steam spray or circulated hot water spray pasteurizing, circulated warm water precooling and chilled water spray cooling. Fully Automatic Energy Saving Spray Type Pasteurizer and Cooling Machine is equipped with following mechanisms: stainless steel frame, imported Italian special high temperature resistant network chain, and stepless speed adjustment system. The full automatic sterilizer is applicable for the sterilization of such foodstuff as tomato ketchup, fruit and vegetable juice beverage, pickles, kraut, preserved pickle, potherb, jam, bean products, etc., packaged by such containers as metal cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, and PET bags.

  General Information

 Item Type  Sterilization Machine
 Item No Water bath sterilizer
 Sevice Bottle/juice  Canned food sterilization machine for many kinds industry for bottle sterilizer
 Function  Widely used for bottle juice, bottle paste,fruit can production line and food can production line, etc


 Temperature control instrument  Japan omron
 The sterilizer control valve  Taiwan
 Weidmuller terminals  Germany
 The sterilizer control valve  Taiwan
 Governor  Denmark danfoss frequency converter speed control

Technical Parameters

 Sterilization machine body  material  2.5 5 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel welded together
 Sterilization machine  The chain material sterilization machine to adopt chain plate, high  temperature resistant PP material Israel petrochemical
 Electric cabinet  304 stainless steel plate bending welding production
 Conveyor line frame material  2 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel
 Sterilization  Move motor 1.5 KW jinlong motor IP55 protection level
 Chain conveyor line board power  0.75 KW worm gear and worm gear motor
 Water pump  South China brand 304 stainless steel high pressure water pump

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