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Spray pasteurization tunnel

The spray sterilizer adopts multi-stage treatments such as circulating hot water spray sterilization, warm water pre-cooling and cold water cooling, and has the advantages of water saving and heat saving. The spray sterilizer is mainly used for atmospheric sterilization of various bottled, canned beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, tea beverages for PET polyester bottles, cooling of juice drinks after hot filling, and beverages containing steam and beer. Thermos bottle. The machine adopts multi-section type processing modes such as hot water circulating spray sterilization, warm water pre-cooling and cold water cooling. The sterilizing temperature and time can be freely adjusted. It is suitable for pasteurization of becerages packed by various pop cans, PET bottles adn glass bottles.Its perfomances are stable adn the appearance is beautiful and decent.
 Production capacity  Customized
 Temperature  0~99℃
 Area  3~5 zones
 Pressure  0.4Mpa
 Dimension  up to the output
 Price  USD /m²(excluding the conveyor system)

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