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Pasteurization sterilizer

The pasteurization machine is a device for our company to sterilize low temperature products. Mainly used for the sterilization of various pickles and beverages. The equipment has stable performance and uniform temperature. The pasteurizer is heated by steam or heat transfer oil. The stainless steel mesh belt is used for conveying and discharging, which is safe and hygienic and durable. The pasteurization machine is a line water bath sterilization. Not only save labor costs, but also increase production efficiency. Depending on the product, you can choose between two mesh belts and a single belt belt. The double mesh belt is mainly for the products floating in the water, and the product is pressed in the water to make the sterilization more thorough and uniform, and to ensure the product quality. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and meets the national health and safety standards. The low-end design of the device adopts a v-shaped design to facilitate the discharge of impurities and equipment cleaning. The internal water temperature is heated by a steam exhaust pipe and the heat transfer oil is evenly drained. Can effectively reduce the difference between the front and rear temperature. The pasteurization machine is composed of a combination of a sterilization section and a cooling section. The sterilization temperature and time can be adjusted, suitable for different processes of different products, and can be adjusted at will. The conveyor is made of stainless steel mesh belt or chain plate mesh belt. You can choose it yourself. The cooling section of the pasteurization machine uses natural water to cool down, and the natural water is edge-in and out, and the water can be recycled. The lower the water temperature, the better the effect. The entire process of the pasteurizer does not require manual operation, and the product can be equipped with a strong-flow reversing air dryer to directly remove the surface water. Save labor while reducing processing time, increasing production and increasing productivity. Three packs a year + lifetime maintenance + tailor-made + long-term tracking service Our company is equipped with a number of technical and comprehensive engineering and technical personnel on-site service to solve technical problems for customers. The company provides a full range of installation and commissioning, maintenance, training, technical consulting and other pre-sales and after-sales service. Machine parameters:
Sterilization time 10-40min Running speed   Stepless adjustment  
Sterilization temperature Adjustable from 65°C to 95°C   Mesh belt width   500-1200mm  
steam pressure   1-4 mpa   power   2.2-5.5  
  Processing capacity   Design according to requirements   cooling method   Normal temperature or forced ice water  
Air consumption   0.5-1.0m2   power supply   380V/50Hz  

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