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Tube in tube sterilizer

By taking steam, hot water and cold water as the heat transfer media, the sleeve type sterilizer is especially suitable for sterilization of materials of high viscosity such as jam, concentrated fruit juice, etc. The main part of the equipment adopts a four-layer sleeve type structure. The heat exchange media flow in the inner and outer layers, and the materials make reverse flow at the middle layer, so as to ensure the maximum heat exchange efficiency. It is featured by short heating time, even heating inside materials, good sterilization effect and low energy consumption. The material pipe includes the temperature rising section, temperature holding section and temperature falling section. The material pipe adopts flanged connection at the connection places. The key points are provided with steam shielding devices to ensure that the materials are safe and sterile. MAIN FEATURES OF EQUIPMENT ◆It is made of high quality SUS304 or 316L stainless steel except the motor, electrical appliance and soft connections. ◆It adopts a four-layer sleeve type structure with high heat exchange efficiency and low energy consumption. ◆With its built-in SIP/CIP system, it can realize synchronous CIP/SIP with the aseptic filling machine. ◆Independent control cabinet, human-machine interface PLC control, one-key start after parameter setting, convenient operation. ◆With its built-in heat recovery system, it can save energy by more than 30% compared with other equipment of its kind in the industry.    

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